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BFP Honest Hemp Tinctures Peppermint Broad Spectrum MCT Oil 10ml (500 ml) (5%)

Honest Hemp broad-spectrum CBD extract in peppermint MCT oil. This CBD oil has a fresh, minty peppermint leaf flavour.

Core Nutrition Sleep Aid Capsule 648mg*60

The Core Nutrition natural Sleep Aid Capsules help to regulate hormonal activity and balance your sleep-wake cycle to help you get better quality rest.

EFP Honest Hemp Organic Hemp protein 1kg

Our organic hemp protein powder contains 50% raw hemp protein and is 100% vegan. Each 30g scoop contains 107 calories and 15g of protein.

Honest Hemp Tinctures hemp seed (1000mg) 10ml

Unlock a range of healing powers with our broad-spectrum hemp seed oil and CBD oil product. This hemp seed oil with CBD has a natural, earthy flavour for those who love the authentic taste of hemp.